100+ Best Fundraising Ideas for Everyone 2023

Work with a shoe drive fundraising company to set up collection boxes where people can donate their gently used shoes. Shoe drive fundraising companies will send you a check based on the pounds of shoes you collect. ABC Fundraising® is a terrific resource for Cookie Dough fundraisers! Color Run fundraisers are a fun choice for nonprofit and school fundraising events.
While the physical items on this list may be easy to gather through partnerships with local businesses, procuring the experiences can be more challenging. That’s where consignment travel providers like Winspire come in. Your destination for insight into the world of event fundraising and charity auctions. Just charge a couple of dollars for admission to the game night.
In this article, we will share 53 popular school fundraising ideas. This auction item can easily be adjusted to fit whichever audience you’re selling to. For high school or college fundraisers, auctioning off highly-coveted parking spaces in the student lot is a great way to raise money from students who are tired of walking so much. On the other hand, a middle or elementary school fundraiser can encourage parents to bid on their own parking spot, allowing them to skip the parent pickup line each day.
Imagine the buzz you could create if your church hosted a raffle, and instead of the traditional fare, you were giving away airfare! Before you start planning a true travel raffle, you must first survey your congregation to see if any of them has a connection with any travel agencies or airline companies. This fundraiser is super simple (some might even say it’s as easy as pie!)—if your pastor is on board with being pied in the face. Choose a time and location for this mission trip fundraiser, and blow up as many balloons as you possibly can. For extra fun, try to cram as many balloons as possible into your pastor’s car. All you really need to do differently from any normal 5K fundraiser is to find a restaurant that’s willing to sponsor the race by providing burritos.
Humane societies require funds to fund their cause and all costs that go into food, bedding, veterinary care, medicine, and more. Get a certified yoga teacher to donate a couple of hours of their time to a good cause. Organize a couple of one-hour yoga classes and open them to all levels (beginner to advanced). This is a unique animal fundraiser that combines the love of yoga with the love of animals. More than 140 countries around the world celebrate Earth Day in April and make efforts to clean up the planet for a cleaner and healthier environment. With this comes many environmental campaigns, which makes springtime perfect for green fundraisers.
The after-party is a huge part of a color run fundraiser, as everyone is having so much fun and wants to take pictures and show off their colors. The after-party also provides a venue for further fundraising and promoting your cause. Many local television and radio stations (as well as other media outlets) have programs in place to support local non-profit and community organizations. This may include the opportunity for you to secure free advertising for your recruitment efforts.
Consider charging $3 per entry if participants are bringing their own bauble from home or $6 if you’re going to provide the bauble. Then proceed to provide some pledge forms for family and friends to show their support. Try to see if a local tree nursery would donate saplings to this event to increase your earnings even more. Get your community together at the local park and spend a day of goodness together. The 10,000-step challenge requires participants to walk 10,000 steps a day for a length of time (e.g. a week or a month). Have Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas accept pledges on how long they’ll last and have them monitor their steps (on their phones or Fitbits).