Vibration sensors are strategically placed under the board. The vibration sensor part may be changed to affect its sensitivity. Use the design tool on this page to specify the details of an LED picture light tailored specifically for your needs.
The quality of a light source significantly impacts the colors that we see. The Revelite AL artwork lighting incorporates LEDs with a high Coloring Rendering Index and R9 Value to accurately reflect the artist’s color palette. Every piece of fine art is unique and deserves to be brought to life with a premium lighting solution created with the same vision and attention to detail. The Revelite Art Light appears elegant and simple, disguising a very precise and highly-engineered product. By utilizing the latest LED and optical technology, the Revelite AL provides uniform illumination with incredible color-rendering ability from a compact optical package.
The round profile provides the look of a more traditional art light. The low profile provides the most discrete view of the art light. The minimal form of the Art Light virtualy disappears when the finish is matched either to the frame or the wall color. Standard finishes include Brushed Aluminum and powder-coat painted Gold, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Black and White. Revelite luminaires are available in widths from 7” to 60” , in predetermined increments. To select the appropriate sized Art Light, measure the width of the art, not including the frame.
When ordering online, simply enter your artwork dimensions and the Revelite configurator will determine the appropriate size of Art Lights.
There will be some inherent spill light that will highlight the frame. Revelite LED Art Light technology is art safe, providing a safer alternative to legacy sources that emit excessive and damaging UV and heat. Please enable Зовнішня реклама to view the comments powered by Disqus. There are a number of places around the city with dazzling light displays. But, remember, the future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. The Method Lights Studio Art Light Stand was designed specially to work with the ML-Studio Art Light.
The Revelite LED source maintains its color tempurature at any light level through the dimming curve. Perfect Art Lights was founded to provide consumers with modern alternatives to standard art and picture lighting. Our patented True Color LightTM technology provides the perfect light for view art by putting control in the hands of the viewer.